A Starkville teenager has died following a reported near-drowning incident last week.

Oktibbeha County Coroner Micheal Hunt confirmed Zemerrio Jones was taken off ventilation on Sunday and subsequently died. He was 18. 

The incident resulting in Jones' death occurred at a pool last Monday at Golden Triangle Townhouses in the 1200 block of Louisville Street. 

While details of the events surrounding his death have not been released, an autopsy will be performed and an investigation by the Starkville Police Department will be conducted. 

Jones' drowning was preceded by two near-drownings in Starkville over the past two months, prompting Oktibbeha County Hospital staff to hold a PSA on drowning prevention, as previously reported by the Starkville Daily News.

The two near-drowning victims were children younger than three years old.

Neither suffered any lasting health problems following their incidents.

This is a developing story. For more details, read Tuesday's edition of The Starkville Daily News

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