Cathy Kemp

Cathy Kemp, a 1973 Starkville Academy alumna, speaks at a celebration of the school's 50th anniversary Saturday. Approximately 160 of the school's early alumni and staff attended the event.

Approximately 160 of the people who were there at the school’s beginning gathered at Starkville Academy Saturday to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary.

A ceremony and luncheon was held to mark the occasion, with early alumni, retirees and others instrumental in the school’s first few years attending. The school graduated its first class in 1971 after opening in 1970.

Nancy Aiken Varian was the first graduate in the history of SA, receiving the first diploma issued in 1971.

“This has been a wonderful event,” Varian said. “Lots of wonderful history, getting to see a lot of our classmates and just reminiscing about the time we had here at Starkville Academy.”

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