Starkville Academy athletics

You just never know what tomorrow will bring.

As Starkville Academy athletics faces the uncertainty that is now literally worldwide because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the school is using a wait-and-see method. The Midsouth Association of Independent Schools has closed all schools and cancelled all athletic events for this week only. It could very well be extended, but for now, Starkville Academy Athletic Director and head football coach Chase Nicholson says the Volunteers are proceeding as though activities might resume next week, while at the same time, planning for things to drag out as well.

“We’re taking a week-by-week approach, which a lot of us are really happy about because this thing could be over tomorrow or it could be three months,” Nicholson said. “We don’t know. I think taking that we-don’t-know approach and just evaluate each week and see where we are (is the right thing to do). Because you just never know. We have no clue if they’re going to get ahold of this thing and control it. Nobody knows. It’s just week-by-week.”

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