Starkville High School athletics

The Starkville High School gymnasium has gone through an eye-catching renovation.

Years go by and players pass through the halls of Starkville High School and yet the school continues to tick along reeling in championships and accolades every year.

The past year saw another Class 6A State championship brought back to the trophy case as Greg Carter’s team won the boys basketball championship. Other teams competed for championship gold and won district championships to continue to maintain SHS’ status as one of the top athletic programs in Class 6A.

Athletics Director Dr. Cheyenne Trussell of the Yellow Jackets enjoys seeing that success continue on the field and the courts on campus with each season, but he also believes that his programs should take pride in the stadiums and gyms that it is a part of as well. That’s why there have been some noticeable improvements take place this summer.

For more on the SHS athletic program, see Tuesday's Starkville Daily News.

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