Sun Bowl

Mississippi State fullback Walter Packer (40) rambled through North Carolina defense for gain in the third quarter of the 1974 Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas. Starkville native Andy Miller was part of that Bulldog team and said the Sun Bowl was perhaps the highlight of his career. The 1974 Sun Bowl is remembered as the “Fog Bowl” after an overnight snow left moisture on the field that turned into steam in the heating of the day during the game.

Before Starkville native Andrew Miller would go on to letter in football for Mississippi State in the mid-70s, he was peddling beverages to fans as a kid.

When Miller got a little older, he sold programs. Later on, he could actually watch his team play. It wasn’t too long after that Miller became a Bulldog himself.

It led to great memories that Miller still treasures to this day.

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