Starkville High School football

OXFORD – Nearly three months to the day that Starkville and Oxford played in the second game of the year, they were playing for their seasons on Friday night in Lafayette County.

The Chargers came to Starkville for the Little Egg Bowl in August and were ran off the field in a laugher 45-17 against a Yellow Jacket team that had not even molded into what it had become by the end of the season. When the two teams met again on Friday, though, it was a much different outcome.

Behind a start that would be characterized as less-than-ideal for Starkville, Oxford got a lead of nearly three touchdowns before the first quarter ended and they held on in the second half. Holding onto the ball for most of the final two quarters, the Chargers got a key interception that sealed the deal, and Starkville’s fate 25-16.

For more on the Jackets, see Saturday's Starkville Daily News.

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