Monday Morning Quarterback

Robbie Faulk

Friday night is usually a hectic evening for me during football season as I try to wrap up interviews for a game story and, if I’m at Starkville, hurry up and try to beat whoever is going to turn the lights off to the stadium and lock the gates.

This past Friday night was no different, but it was with the added pressure of finishing up that story in my car in the parking lot before hitting the road for Hattiesburg so I could make the short drive over to New Orleans on Saturday.

While I admit I hurried through writing that story of a crazy Starkville 45-17 victory over Oxford, I couldn’t help but hear a couple of people’s thoughts on the game that stuck with me.

Both of the comments were nearly identical and they both came candidly from Starkville coaches. I don’t think they’d mind if I share those thoughts here with the readers at home because it speaks volumes of what the Yellow Jackets have on their hands this year.

For more on Robbie Faulk's take on SHS, see Monday's Starkville Daily News.

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