Starkville High School football

The Starkville Yellow Jackets and the Oxford Chargers meet again Friday night like they did here on August 30. A trip to the Class 6A State championship game is on the line.

It’s a rivalry that Starkville has owned since its inception and the beginning of the “Little Egg Bowl,” but its overall record matters not tonight when something bigger is on the line than any other year in Starkville and Oxford’s history together.

The two teams meet for the first time in the North State championship as the Yellow Jackets are now in enemy territory with a trip to the Class 6A State championship game on the line. The last two games in 2018 and earlier this year have been lopsided wins for Starkville, but as coach Chris Jones mentioned, those games don’t matter Friday night.

For more on the Little Egg Bowl – playoff style, see Friday's Starkville Daily News.

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