James Smith

Starkville Police Officer James Smith was presented a Life Saving Ribbon by Police Chief Frank Nichols on Tuesday

An officer in the Starkville Police Department was honored Tuesday night at the Board of Aldermen meeting for recently saving a life in the line of duty.

Officer James Smith received the Life Saving Ribbon for his actions on an emergency call on Sept. 4.

On that day, Smith arrived at a home on Washington Street and found a man unconscious with his mother and girlfriend panicking in the home.

"His mom was doing CPR, and he was unresponsive," Smith said.

Smith administered the appropriate aid to the man, giving him Narcan, and was able to resuscitate him from a drug overdose.

Smith, with the help of another officer, kept the man in a stable condition until an ambulance arrived.

A two and half year veteran of the SPD, Smith said he had never experienced anything like that day before, recalling how frightened the man's family members were.

Smith recalled the moment the man regained consciousness.

"It was a little odd," Smith said. "He opened his eyes, and he obviously had no idea what I was doing there."

While reviving the man, Smith said he did his best to calm the other people in the home while trying to keep himself calm as well.

Police Chief Frank Nichols presented the award.

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