With the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) releasing test results for public schools statewide, results look good for the Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District’s third graders, who fared well on the reading gate exam.

At the school board meeting Tuesday night, Director of Accountability, Accreditation and Assessment Tim Bourne shared preliminary data from MDE on the reading gate test and other required assessments.

Bourne said 93% of those who took the test at Henderson Ward Stewart Elementary School and 87% of those who took the test at West Elementary School passed.

Third graders were required to score a 3 on the test to pass into the fourth grade, and had three chances to pass the test.

Other scores for the district included 39.4% proficient in math for HWS, with 47.2% growth and 40.2% low growth, or growth of the lowest 25% of students.

In reading, HWS showed 39.5% proficiency, 55% growth and 51.6% low growth.

West Elementary showed 40.2% reading proficiency, 73.8% reading growth and 52% reading low growth. In math, West showed 55.2% math proficiency, 73.2% math growth and 27.2% math low growth. Additionally, West showed 81% proficiency in science.

Overstreet Elementary showed 31.7% reading proficiency, 47.4% reading growth and 34.3% reading low growth. Math proficiency was 27.5%, with 53.4% growth and 54% low growth. The school showed 65% science proficiency.

Armstrong Middle School showed 31.7% reading proficiency, 47% reading growth and 42.9% reading low growth. In math, the school showed 40.8% proficiency, 50.7% growth and 39.5% low growth. Armstrong also showed 57% science proficiency.

Starkville High School showed 37.2% reading proficiency, 63.7% reading growth and 66% reading LPS growth. In math, SHS showed 33.4% proficiency, 72.8% growth and 93.8% math LPS growth. The school showed 21.9% proficiency in history and 68% proficiency in science. Its graduation rate was listed at 86.2%.

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