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About Us

The Starkville Daily News has its roots in the East Mississippi Times, a weekly newspaper that John McCormick founded around 1875. At the time, several newspapers were published in the area. During its lifetime, the Starkville Daily News, under many names, changed ownership multiple times. McCormick sold the East Mississippi Times to W.H. Cochran who edited the paper until 1882. Rev. W.H. Harrison bought the paper from Cochran but sold it seven years later to William Ward. Another newspaper, The Oktibbeha Citizen, began in 1878 as a weekly under the ownership of Col. J.M. Norment. In 1902, Norment's son changed the paper's name to The Starkville News. Purchased by Thomas Wood, The Starkville News was later combined with a competing publication, the Starkville Banner. Wood sold the combined paper to G.T. Gholson in 1916. From 1916 to 1926, the Starkville News and the East Mississippi Times were each published weekly until Gholson bought the East Mississippi Times and combined the two papers under the name, the Starkville News. After consolidating the two papers, Gholson sold the combined product to Grady Imes who then sold it to Henry and Morris Myer in 1946. Not until 14 years later did the paper change hands again when the Myers brothers sold it in 1960 to Henry Harris, then publisher of the West Point Daily Times Leader. Under Harris' control, the paper changed its name again and became a daily publication with the first issue of the Starkville Daily News publishing on Oct. 31, 1960.  Today, The Starkville Daily News continues to be the main source of all local news for Starkville and all of Oktibbeha County.  Published every Tuesday through Sunday, it provides all the news fit to print which makes our community what it is, including local in-depth news, local sports as well as all MSU news every day.