Cynthia Milons

Overstreet Elementary School Principal Cynthia Milons addresses the school board during a presentation Tuesday night.

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School District heard reports on the status of several of its schools including Overstreet Elementary.

Overstreet Elementary showed the most drastic drop in the district on this year’s accountability scores, going from a B to a D level. Principal Cynthia Milons discussed the schools plans to increase its level, as well as giving an overview of where the school was along other fronts.

Overstreet Elementary is home to the district’s fifth graders. This year, Overstreet's student body number is 348 students.

“With the students we have this year, based on where they were last year at Henderson Ward Stewart, we’re looking to grow there to five points, and with that is how we determine our growth goals,” Milons said. “With each student meeting his or her growth goal, our projected score, we’re looking to be a 373, which is a C for the 2020 year.”

She said she was disappointed in the D score her school attained, but emphasized the importance of working toward a better score next year.

“We’re working extremely hard this year for us to have a more successful school year,” she said.

Despite the accountability drop, Milons also discussed a few positive signs that came with the results. She said an additional 4.6% of students moved from level 4 to level 5, and 5% moved from level 1 and level 2 to level 3 or above in English/language arts.

The school saw similar growth in math, with 4.8% of students at level 1 and level 2 than in previous years, and a 3.5 % increase in students at level 5.

“What we we’ve learned is that students will not show, nor will they maintain tremendous growth from year to year,” Milons said. “We must focus on growth individually, and the way we’re going to do that is by being intentional and being consistent.”

She said the school would continue using the iReady curriculum for both ELA and math.

She also said the school was ensuring its students were engaged and not just compliant.

The board also received a presentation from architect Thomas C. Stewart of Architectonics regarding the condition of roofs on several district buildings. In his presentation, he said most of the roofs were in good shape, with several having been replaced or otherwise refurbished.

However, he said the roof at Overstreet was in poor condition, and would need lengthy rehabilitation before it was effective again.

“It was coated a few years ago,” Stewart said. “Everything except for the cafeteria is in pretty poor shape.”

He encouraged the district to come up with a plan to repair the roof as soon as possible, before the problem worsened.

“The decking on that old building is wood,” Stewart said. “If it continues to leak, we run the risk of getting into rotten wood and replacing decking, and obviously that’s going to be a logistic problem if we have to do that with kids in the building.”

He also said the roof was too big to complete in one summer.

He said the roof underneath the coating was shattered, with water seeping in.

“It’s been re-coated partially trying to stop some of the leaks, but it’s still leaking ion those places where the algae’s growing it’s holding water and leaking,” Stewart said.

He recommended the district install a metal or shingle pitched roof on the building as soon as possible to prevent further damage to Overstreet

“Overstreet has some other issues due to its age,” Stewart said. “It has some termite damage. It has some water damage. I bring all that up to say that my professional opinion is that the longer we wait on that, the more it’s going to cost.”

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