Callahan hired as Parks and Rec sports coordinator

Callahan. (Submitted photo)

Staff Writer

The city of Starkville’s Parks and Recreation Department recently hired Nick Callahan as its new sports coordinator.

"The position was approved a couple months ago by the Board of Aldermen, and we went through the interview process and were able to get it filled," Parks and Recreation Executive Director Gerry Logan said.

As the sports coordinator for Starkville Parks and Recreation, Callahan will help oversee the sports leagues, work with sports programs and events.

"Sports have always kind of been my passion my whole life. I played youth sports from the time I could walk- golf, any kind of sport- it's just always drawn me to it," he said.

Callahan feels his background in athletics has prepared him for this moment.

A Houston, Mississippi native, he graduated Houston High School in 2012 and went straight to Mississippi State University.

Callahan spent five years at MSU before graduating in 2017 with a bachelors degree in kinesiology with a business focus.

"I went from there I worked with the parks department for two years while I was at Mississippi State, the previous three years before that I worked with Mississippi State athletics," Callahan said.

After graduating college, Callahan worked for the Mississippi Golf Association for three years in tournament operations, and ran golf tournaments all over the state.

He has also been a part of basketball and softball leagues witnessing firsthand how those leagues were managed.

"Just being around athletics and to see how it impacts the community, allows people to get out and have things to participate in - that's just a passion of mine," Callahan said. "I like to help provide those opportunities for young people to develop as well as for older people to have an outlet to go participate, play and compete."

Callahan's experience motivated him to apply for the position as sports coordinator.

The job was offered to him in November before Thanksgiving and Monday was his first day on the job.

"I'm glad to be back. North Mississippi has always been my home so I'm glad to be back in the north half of the state," Callahan said.

Moving forward as the sports coordinator, Callahan plans to build on the success of the established sports programs.

"There are already great programs in place I just hope to help continue to build the programs and maybe in the future add more opportunities for even more of the community," Callahan said.