Sturgis BOA talks Rally contract, water system grant


The Sturgis Board of Aldermen moved forward with discussion on the contract for the upcoming motorcycle Rally in Sturgis at its meeting on Tuesday.

Mayor Billy Blankenship explained the contract, saying it spells out that the Motorcycle Rally Board actually rents the town’s park for the weekend to hold the Rally.

The Rally in Sturgis, which brings motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the southeast and the country, is scheduled for Aug. 17-19.

The contract states the town of Sturgis officially hosts the Rally, providing in-kind services such as security, bathrooms, sanitation and electricity.

Blankenship also said the contract has a provision that requires vendors setting up shop at the event must purchase a $75 permit, before contacting the landowners in the town to deal directly with them to secure a location.

“Basically, the contract just stipulates how things will work,” Blankenship said.

Over the last three or four years, Blankenship said the popular attraction costs the town roughly $15,000 to $16,000, with the biggest portion being spent on security.

“With sanitation last year, we cut back … and saved money on trash pick up, and we always take bids on that and on porta-pots,” Blankenship said. “By itself, (sanitation is) usually $2,500.”

Village Cycle Center is listed as the primary sponsor for the 2018 Rally.

The Rally in Sturgis saw a large turnout in 2017, after being revived in 2014.

The 2018 installment will be the 19th all-bike motorcycle rally for the town.


Troubles with water system infrastructure is a problem not isolated to Sturgis.

However, the town is trying once again to secure federal grant money to be used for repairs to the town’s water system.

Town leaders filed for the grant last year, but Blankenship said Sturgis didn’t score high enough to receive it in 2017.

“We applied for it due to the need with our water systems that have aged and our electrical components inside our well pump-houses have deteriorated due to chlorine and we just need a lot of things replaced,” Blankenship said.

The town will look to ask for roughly $500,000 of the more than $20 million in federal funds set aside for the state of Mississippi.

While Blankenship said the town will not hear back about the grant application for several months, the town’s infrastructure is in “dire need” of repairs to a system that includes three different wells serving the community.

“Our water system has been holding its own just on an expense basis, but we have not had the money to do some repairs we have needed to do through the year to get some things redone,” Blankenship said.

The Sturgis Board of Aldermen meets on the first Tuesday of every month at Sturgis Town Hall.