Starkville Utilities completed an inspection on the Locksley Way water tower Wednesday morning, causing some in the area surrounding the tower to experience a drop in water pressure.

Starkville Utilities General Manager Terry Kemp said the tower was drained to allow an inspection of the inside of the tank and other machinery on the preemies. He said the last time the 500,000-gallon tank received a thorough inspection was approximately 10 or 15 years ago.

Locksley Way water tower

Crews inspected the Locksley Way water tower Wednesday morning.

“We take them all the way down to do maintenance,” Kemp said. “That’s what we were doing this morning. We drained the tank. We had inspectors go inside the tank to check if there was any degradation of the tank itself. It’s just part of our preventative maintenance program.”

He said a debriefing would take place on Wednesday morning, but he had not heard of any serious issues being found in the tank or other components of the tower in the meantime. The tank was refilled Tuesday night.

He also addressed the decrease in water pressure felt by some residents near the tower.

“For the last couple of weeks, we did a lot of testing to see what it would do like in the system when you take a tank out of service,” Kemp said. “There was a slight drop in water pressure in some locations, but it was quickly identified and we made adjustments and everything basically stabilized.”

He said the measure was part of the city’s preventative maintenance. Each of the city’s water towers will receive similar maintenance in the future.

“It's wide spaces of time, because if you’ve got them in good shape, you don’t have a problem, but periodically you need to bring them back down and look,” Kemp said.

The Locksley Way tank is part of the city’s system of five elevated tanks and seven wells. While the Locksley Way tank was down, the rest of the system provided for the city’s water needs.

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