Brandi Duncan Herrington of Starkville Strong took time out of her busy day to talk to the Starkville Kiwanis Club on Tuesday. 

Each day, Brandi Duncan Herrington wakes up with a purpose to give in all the ways she can with her whole heart and the best of intentions.

This purpose applies to her local business, Dunkington Art & Jewelry, her family, and of course, Starkville Strong, a local nonprofit organization with the mission to provide support and meet the needs of the community through open minds and open arms which receives funds and donations that go directly toward its efforts to provide resources and support the Starkville community.

As the busy woman she is, Herrington was able to take time out of her Tuesday to speak to the Starkville Kiwanis Club about all Starkville Strong does for the community, which is an opportunity she cherishes.

For the full story, check out the Wednesday, August 25 edition of SDN. 

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