A treasure chest of goodies is on display at SPL to get children excited about National Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19. 

If you have stepped into the Starkville Public Library (SPL) within the last week, you have noticed they are requiring masks for all patrons and workers as Covid-19 cases surge in the state. The children’s library within SPL is adjusting as well. 

With school finally in full swing, Loraine Walker, or Miss Rainey as the kids know her, is preparing for some fall programming. September has a very fun holiday that all the kids enjoy, National Talk Like A Pirate Day, which is on September 19. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to celebrate at the library this year because it happens on a Sunday: the one day a week that the library is closed. 

Every year we like to do a fun celebration where the kids get to dress up as pirates and have fun,” Walker said. “One year we even had a foam sword fight in the children’s room. This year, since it happens on a Sunday and to keep everyone safe from Covid, we are handing out go bags with pirate loot for the kids, and we are asking parents to send videos of the kids dressed up like pirates and using their best pirate slang by Monday, September 13 so I have a week to make an awesome pirate compilation video.”

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