The robot that won Starkville Academy’s first robotics state championship last year smashes through a “two-story building” during a team meeting at SA on Saturday. 

After winning the state competition in its first year, the Starkville Academy Robotics Team is gearing up for a new season.

After bringing a robotics program to Starkville Academy after his time at Starkville High School, history teacher and robotics coach Ty Adair said he was blown away by how well the students worked to win the state competition in the program’s first year. When asked his opinion on what would top last year’s state championship, Adair’s goal is for his team to advance to the Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) regional competition at Auburn University in December.

“We would like to compete and build the best robot we can build according to the rules, and if we are fortunate enough to advance to Auburn, that is my goal,” said Adair. “It’s my goal to give these kids a chance to actually see what a regional competition looks like at Auburn, because as much fun as this is, this is nowhere near as fun as trying to compete on the game floor at Auburn when thousands of people are cheering, and you can’t even hear.”

Due to Covid restrictions, Starkville Academy won’t be able to compete at state level and compete with other teams in person, which is why Adair is highly motivated to get his team to Auburn so they can see other teams and their robots.

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