st paul mbc

Members of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church and Life Changing Mission hand out supplies to those in need.

On Saturday morning, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church held a community supply drive-thru that was supposed to begin at 10 a.m.

They had to start a little early because people were already lining up down the two lane road, and by 10:15, the line of cars was a mile long. By 10:55 there were no more bags of household supplies which included toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, dish soap, toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectant wipes, wet wipes and some had masks.

The drive-thru was put together by the leadership at St. Paul MB and a non-profit organization and church called Life Changing Mission (LCM) which is based out of Montgomery, Alabama. LCM's pastor is Lashunda Brown, and she coordinated with the newly appointed St. Paul MB Pastor Corey Jordan* for Saturday's event.

For more details, check out the Sunday, Feb. 21 edition of SDN.

*Correction to printed article: the pastor is Corey Jordan not Corey Johnson. 

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