TVA, SU, and SHS

TVA and Starkville Utilities presented a $2,000 check from TVA’s Community Care Fund program that will go towards Starkville High School’s TEC house.

Starkville High School (SHS) and Starkville Utilities are working together to provide students real-world experiences in their chosen career paths.

During an on-campus press conference on Tuesday, SHS announced Starkville Utilities will be its first lead partner for its academic houses, which create a new kind of high school experience through small learning communities with engaging, hands-on opportunities designed to leverage students’ interests in making school more relevant.

SHS is the first high school in the state to offer wall-to-wall career learning experiences for each and every student.

“This is quite an achievement for our school district that also reflects the commitment of our school district and our greater school community in Starkville Utilities to put our high school on an advanced path towards career success beyond high school and beyond college,” SOCSD Superintendent Eddie Peasant said.

For more about what this means for SHS, check out the full story in the Wednesday, August 18 edition of SDN. 

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