Sales tax revenue for the city of Starkville saw growth again for the month of May compared to the same month last year.

In May, Starkville reported $603,984.25 in sales tax revenue, which is an increase of  $37,426.89 since last May when the city saw $566,557.36 in sales tax.

Starkville Mayor Lynn Spruill said the numbers may be hard to correlate with any specific factors but those numbers are still good news for the city.

“I do think it is indicative of the city’s business-friendly approach,” Spruill said. “Our desire to have people in town and shopping in town. Supporting all of the things that make people want to be in Starkville. I think we have a lot of opportunities for people to enjoy our community and they are taking advantage of that.” 

In addition to the month of May seeing growth, Starkville also saw a positive trend in the year to date figures as the city has made $3,028,878.19.

Those numbers as of May 2019 an increase of $190,221.98 from the 2018 YTD where the city made $2,838,656.21.

Sales tax revenue isn’t the only part of the city’s economy seeing growth, the 2% restaurant tax is also seeing growth from May as the city made $178,523.14 an increase of $19,032.34 in restaurant sales tax revenue from the $159,490.80 made in May 2018. 

The growth is also shown again in the year to date numbers as the 2% restaurant tax revenue is up $66,085.36 from 2018’s YTD total of $864,224.33 to the current 2019 YTD total of $930,309.69.

Those numbers do not yet reflect the 1% increase to the city’s hotel, restaurant and beverage tax that will go into effect in August as voted by the people of Starkville.

For more on this story, read Friday's Starkville Daily News.

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