Salter Rotary

Director of Public Affairs at Mississippi State University Sid Salter speaks with Starkville Rotary Club about the impact winning a national championship has had on the school.

On Monday, the Starkville Rotary Club heard from their own. Sid Salter, the Director of Public Affairs at Mississippi State University, spoke about the impact the baseball College World Series win has had on the school. 

The local Rotarians have heard about the effects the championship had on the athletic department and what it takes from them, but this presentation was different in the sense that Salter laid out what kind of national coverage MSU gained in the time period and how it has impacted MSU. 

During the College World Series run, MSU gained what is worth $143.36 million in media exposure from television to social media. Baseball is number five in NCAA sports revenue, falling behind football, men’s basketball, men’s ice hockey, and women’s basketball, according to Business Insider.

Television exposure is calculated by taking the cost of a 30 second national network television ad, which is on average $150 thousand. With 60 minutes in an hour and college baseball games lasting about three hours, that equates to 120 half a minute ads, but each school gets half the exposure and it comes out to an even 60 per school an hour. 

For the full story, check out the Tuesday, September 28 edition of SDN.

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