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On Monday, Starkville Rotary Club met virtually to hear about the efforts of a medical study called RURAL. Dr. Ervin Fox spoke with the Rotarians about the Risk Underlying Rural Areas Longitudinal, or RURAL, Cohort Study.

Dr. Fox is a non-invasive cardiologist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, and this study includes representatives from Boston University, Duke University, and John Hopkins University. It focuses on states in the southeast that have heavy rural populations like Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Louisiana. 

The study serves to answer the question, “Why are those residing in rural areas more likely to die from heart disease and stroke compared to those living in urban areas?”

Over the four states the study encompasses, there are around 4,600 participants. In Mississippi there are two counties the RURAL program is serving: Panola County and Oktibbeha County. The two counties were chosen because they are on opposite ends of health, and they match up almost better than any two counties in the state. 

For the full story, check out the Tuesday, September 14 edition of SDN. 

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