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(From left to right) Lorie Wood, Mark Wood, Brent Funderburk, and Debby Funderburk all pitched to buy a painting for Saxon Wilson (middle) to thank him for his hard work in framing all of Funderburk’s paintings and drawings.

After nearly 40 years of teaching, Mississippi State University Professor Emeritus Brent Funderburk wanted to give back to the university that had given him so much over the years.

Back in early August, MSU’s Department of Art opened its 2021-22 gallery season with an exhibition of works by the respected professor held on the second floor of the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery on campus.

More than half of the watercolor, acrylic paintings, and charcoal drawings in the exhibition, “Here and There,” are new works of Funderburk’s from the past three years, which are shown alongside artwork dating as early as the 1980s from when Funderburk and his family first arrived in Mississippi from his native state North Carolina, progressing through his years teaching at MSU, and including his seven years of service as head of the Department of Art.

“I’m very honored and humbled to be on this campus where I have been for nearly 40 years. The community, my friends, the faculty, and the students that I’ve taught with my wife here, all of that just makes this a real emotional experience for me,” said Funderbunk.

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