For those interested in pre-K programs for their children, registration is open for the Emerson Preschool and ICS Head Start.

The partner agencies are trying to reach a total enrollment of 138 for the coming year, from 125 at both sites last year. Services for parents to improve their situations area also available through Emerson’s Early Learning Collaborative. The programs are separate from the pre-K classrooms located at Sudduth Elementary School and West Elementary School.

Emerson Family School Director Joan Butler said this year’s pre-K students had shown a great deal of growth since the beginning of the school years. She also said several of the parents had also shown growth, earning adult education credentials and going on to training in various career technical fields through early learning collaborative resources. 

The collaborative also  hosts monthly parent academies, where parents can learn skills to help their children succeed in the classroom.

There are also 15 scholarship slots available for the Emerson Preschool for the coming school year. The scholarships are funded through tax credit donations to the collaborative. Families interested in scholarships are required to schedule a conference at Emerson by May 31. The conferences will be held between June 3 and June 7, with assessments for children who meet the need held between June 10 and June 14. The estimated assessment time is between 15 minutes and 20 minutes. Families will be notified of acceptance by no later than June 28.

The scholarships will be offered based on the family’s need and the child’s educational assessment results. To be considered for the preschool, children must turn four years old by Sept. 1. Parents must bring documentation including the child’s birth certificate, a government- issued ID for family member, and documentation for SNAP, TANF, SSI, Section 8 or HUD if participating in any of the programs. For more information, Early Learning Collaborative Program Coordinator Ellen Goodman can be reached at (662)-615-0033.

More information can be reached on the Emerson Preschool by calling (662)-324-1508 and the ICS Head Start by calling (662)-324-4155.

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