New Hebron Christian School Headmaster Bobby Eiland at his desk Thursday. Eiland has been an educator since 1982, and officially became the school’s headmaster in July.

Starting this year, there is a new man at the helm of Hebron Christian School in Pheba.

With the beginning of the school year, Bobby Eiland will serve as the school’s new headmaster. Eiland’s career in education began in 1982, and he has served in various coaching and teaching positions at both public and private schools, most recently serving as a principal in the Choctaw Tribal School District. Eiland is a native of Drew and a Mississippi State University alumnus. Eiland officially started as headmaster in July.

The SDN caught up with Eiland prior to students returning to Hebron on Thursday.

Q: What are your thoughts as you begin your time as Hebron’s headmaster?

A: “I’m excited about it. It’s a unique opportunity, a Christian school, and just a great place to be. I’ve been in education for a really long time. I guess when I first started it was 1982. I just enjoy working with young people, all the teachers and school staff I’ve met so far are just phenomenal, and doing the best they can for the kids. That’s what it’s all about.”

Q: What is your background?

A: “I started off in private school at Starkville Academy way back in 1982 just as a part-time football coach. Then I went back there as a full-time teacher and coach in 1988. Then I went to public school for quite a while, 18 years, then went back to Starkville Academy as the headmaster for a couple of years, then went  back into public school and finished my retirement out, went to Choctaw Tribal Schools for a year, and that was a good experience also. I’ve had the good fortune to know a lot of good people.”

For more from the Q&A, read Friday's Starkville Daily News.

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