Little Free Libraries

Millsaps Career and Technology Center construction students have helped to install Little Free Libraries at various locations in Starkville

Some construction students at Starkville High School got the opportunity to practice their trade while helping the community this week.

The 35 students helped to install Little Free Libraries at locations around Starkville including at McKee Park and at the ICS Headastart. The students also installed Little Free Libraries at other locations in Starkville in the past.

Millsaps Career and Technology Center Construction technology instructor Kelvin Stanfield further explained his students’ involvement in installing the libraries.

“It’s just a way to help the community get into reading more,” Stanfield said.

The libraries will be filled with books from the community for citizens to check out. Citizens can place more books or take books from the library.

“Each class did one,” Stanfield said. “We have one at the Greensboro Center. We have one at the Head Start. One at the Sportsplex and one at McKee Park.”

He said the students would eventually put four more Little Free Libraries up around Starkville.

“It gives them hands-on practice for the lesson that’s being taught,” Stanfield said.

The libraries come in preassembled, but the classes install them by digging holes and securing them in place with concrete.

He said district administrators offered his class the chance to be involved in installing the libraries.

“With me teaching construction, she kind of asked me to help out, so I took my class to give them some hands-on training,” Stanfield said.

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