Mississippi State University is gearing up to continue its approximately 15 years of seafood research in the Gulf of Mexico.

Last week the university announced plans to build a $3 million laboratory on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to provide seafood testing and quality assurance. The facility will be called the Northern Gulf Aquatic Food Research Center, and will be funded through the Mississippi RESTORE Act.

It will be operated by the Mississippi Agriculture and Forest Experiment Station (MAFES). It is one of 15 restoration projects announced by Gov. Phil Bryant at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality’s Mississippi Restoration Summit.

MAFES Associate Director Wes Burger said construction on the lab would be underway in about a year, and the lab would be an upgrade from MAFES’s current seafood operations on the Coast.

“We’ve operated an experiment station and lab on the Gulf Coast for approximately 15 years,” Burger said “Over time, the experiment station here has done a body of work related to seafood safety and processing.”

He said MAFES’ seafood research had been primarily based around preservation and safety techniques including methods of killing vibrio “flesh-eating” bacteria in oysters, as well as looking at uses for by-products like shrimp heads and shells.


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