Max King, Director of the Starkville Church of God’s Compassion Pantry, spoke to the Starkville Kiwanis Club on Tuesday. 

After serving as the Director of the Starkville Church of God’s Compassion Pantry for 21 years now, Max King’s goal of helping people who are need of food remains the same.

King came to speak to the Starkville Kiwanis Club on Tuesday about the church’s pantry strides to attack hunger in the community. The first step in receiving groceries from this pantry is to fill out a registration form that tells the church about you.

“The way that our pantry operates is that they must fill out a piece of paper to tell us about their own self. Once they do this and they sign their name, it comes into record at our office. By this paper, we have 604 people who are eligible to get groceries from us,” said King.

A unique thing about this pantry is they will come to your home every third Thursday of the month to deliver your groceries and pray with you while they visit.

“We have a group of 142 people who do home delivery who go into homes with sacks of groceries. As we go in and give them their groceries, they’re all so grateful to get them. One lady lived to be over 100 years old, but she never got tired of seeing us come through her door with a sack full of groceries,” said King.

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