Starkville Daily News is hiring for multiple positions, and you can apply in person at the Lampkin Street office.

It is no secret that the nation-wide hiring shortage has affected Starkville. Retailers and restaurants have to close early or modify their hours to accommodate the labor they do have, and there are “Now Hiring” signs in front of businesses to let potential workers know they are in need. 

Starkville Daily News is no exception to this.

With a staff of eight full-timers and one part-timer, most at SDN wear many hats. Cal Brown is a great example of this. Brown is the current circulation manager and a staff writer and photographer who has recently gotten into sales. 

A lot goes into a newspaper from the business side of things to editorial to printing to getting the papers out, and if one thing goes wrong, it affects the others. Over the last few months, four different paper routes have become available because of carriers finding other job opportunities. However, without anyone applying to fill those roles, papers can sometimes be delayed by a few hours or even a day. 

For the full story, check out the Friday, September 10 edition of SDN. 

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