Four seats on the Board of Aldermen were voted on this Tuesday. Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 4, and Ward 5 saw highly competitive races for their seats.

The unofficial results, as there are still affidavits to count, are as follows:

Ward 1 - Ben Carver with 319 votes over Christine Williams who received 306 votes. There are 15 affidavits that will be counted on Wednesday, June 9 at 8:15 a.m.

Ward 2 - Sandra Sistrunk with 187 votes over Brice Stubbs who had 148 votes.

Ward 4 - Mike Brooks with 202 votes over Kevin Daniels who had 149 votes. 

Ward 5 - Hamp Beatty with 272 votes over Anna Chaney who had 254 votes. 

Ward 3, Ward 6, and Ward 7 were uncontested with Roy A'. Perkins returning for Ward 6 and Henry Vaughn Sr. returning for Ward 7. Ward 3 sees a new Alderman in Jeffrey Rupp. 

For more information, pick up a Wednesday, June 9 edition of SDN. 

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