A University of Mississippi Medical Center AirCare helicopter lifts off from the MSU soccer field at the end of a joint training between an AirCare crew, OCH EMS personnel and MSU sports medicine staff Tuesday. The training focused on care and treatment of athletes injured at MSU sporting events. 

Some area first responders got to participate in some specialized training at Mississippi State University Tuesday.

University of Mississippi Medical Center AirCare personnel, OCH Regional Medical Center EMS personnel and MSU Sports Medicine staff gathered on campus Tuesday to discuss on-field care for injured MSU athletes. Training focused on heat illness, cervical spine injuries and cardiac arrest. Approximately 25 personnel attended the training.

AirCare Medical Director Dr. Damon Darsey said the training would greatly benefit athletes injured at MSU sporting events. He described the OCH and MSU medics as being proactive and well-trained.

MSU Football Head Athletic Trainer Thomas Callans said although the sports medicine staff had done similar training in the past, the affiliation between OCH and UMMC had improved it further.

OCH Assistant Director of EMS Shedrick Hogan said the day’s training would help the OCH medics in their treatment of student athletes.

Hogan also said the training focused on knowing when to bring an athlete off of the field, and when to transport an injured athlete on to more specialized care in Memphis, Jackson or elsewhere.

OCH Director of Emergency Services Michael Hunt said trainings like the one held at MSU were rare. He said the hospital was working on more partnerships outside of the university. He added that he didn't know of any other schools who did similar training.  


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