Early in the afternoon on Saturday, many gathered to celebrate a special birthday. Family, friends, Starkville Police Department, and Starkville Fire Department gathered a J.L. King Center to drive in a succession to Starkville Manor to wish Iola Jones a happy 93rd birthday.

Because of Covid restrictions, Iola was not allowed visitors inside her room to celebrate, but this did not deter her loved ones from celebrating their matriarch.

“Last year, we didn’t get to have a birthday party for her because of Covid, and we were hoping we’d be able to this year. We understood, though, why we could not this year, but we still wanted to make it special,” Rose Coffey-Graham, Iola’s daughter, said. “I think it meant a little more to her to see everyone because we wouldn’t be able to have everyone in like that. She really enjoyed the police officer on the motorcycle because you could tell his excitement as well.”

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