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Brandi Herrington (center) of Starkville Strong and Yulanda Haddix (right) of the Oktibbeha County Chapter of the NAACP work in tandem to help those being evicted. 

On Saturday, Starkville Strong and the Oktibbeha County Chapter of the NAACP met at the Catherine Street apartments to help the residents who were informed they could no longer live there. Because everything happened so quickly on Thursday, many tenants at the apartments were left confused, and with Hurricane Ida approaching, it puts them in a rough spot. 

Thursday, 61 tenants were told they needed to vacate the premises in three hours without a judge-signed eviction order. Because of this, the 61 families are able to stay until Tuesday, August 31.

Brandi Herrington, Director of Starkville Strong, and Yulanda Haddix, President of the Oktibbeha County Chapter of the NAACP, called out to the community on Facebook for help for the residents of these apartments. With the help of volunteers, the two organizations got to work to inform the tenants who were available about the next steps going forward. 

According to one tenant who would like to remain unnamed, once property ownership changed to Ferretti Property Services rent went up to $550, but nothing was done about the conditions of the apartments. There are multiple tenants without running water and working refrigerators. There are people in their fourth month of the blistering summer without working air conditioning. There is sitting water in one apartment, and multiple residents reported pest issues from cockroaches to maggots.

Right now, everything that has happened to the tenants is legal in the state. 

For more on this story, check out the Sunday, August 29 edition of SDN. 

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