Some city of Starkville voters have already cast ballots ahead of the May 30 special election and local election officials say the early voting turnout has been about as expected, especially considering it is a holiday week.

Lesa Hardin mug

Starkville City Clerk Lesa Hardin

Starkville City Clerk Lesa Hardin said on Saturday, which saw her office open for special voting hours, the city received 78 absentee ballots by noon and on Monday the overall total, including permanently disabled ballots, was reported at 118.

With Memorial Day likely to see many leave town in the last weekend ahead of the election, Hardin confirmed that the current total was about what her office expected.

Hardin said there are 14,766 registered voters in the city of Starkville, with 1,977 registered voters in Ward 5, who will also cast ballots for a new alderman.

There is still one more Saturday where absentee voting will be available at Starkville City Hall, which will be this weekend on Saturday, May 25 from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m.

Those voting absentee will have to show a photo ID before they can cast a ballot.

The deadline for in-person voting is May 28, while the deadline for mail-in ballots will be May 29.

A photo ID is required before an absentee ballot can be cast.

The Starkville Daily News ran sample ballots in Sunday’s edition and will do so again in tomorrow’s edition, on Sunday, May 26 and again on May 30.

The ballot features a citywide vote on the proposed increase to the city’s hotel, restaurant and beverage tax to fund the construction of Cornerstone Park. Voters in Ward 5 will also vote in the non-partisan three-candidate race for the open alderman seat, featuring Hamp Beatty, Kayla Gilmore and John Michael VanHorn.

Polls will open at 7 a.m. on May 30.

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