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Mississippi State football coach Joe Moorhead

The Collegiate Recovery Community of Mississippi State University will host its first Collegiate Recovery Scholarship Breakfast Friday, April 5 at 7:30 a.m at The Mill.

The Collegiate Recovery Community is housed within the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness at MSU.

Students recovering from drug and alcohol abuse have relied on the Collegiate Recovery Community as a campus support group for approximately five years.

“As a Health and Wellness Educator, I see students come through our referral program for violating the drug code,” said CRC Advisory Board member Santee Ezell.” It is important to have the necessary supports in place to help them succeed academically, personally and professionally.”

Recovering students have access to scholarships, housing, recovery-centered events, mentorship, career planning, life skill seminars, weekly meetings and travel opportunities.

“We have pretty much, hopefully every support that a recovering student could want,” said Collegiate Recovery Community Program Coordinator Blake Schneider.

The breakfast is an initiative to raise money toward the program’s scholarship fund.

There are different levels of scholarships a student can receive within the program.

Each student in the program with six months or more of sustained recovery receives a scholarship for joining the program and maintaining a specific GPA.

The more they are plugged into the community donating their service, they qualify for higher amounts semester by semester.

“Essentially we’re an all encompassing program for students who either want to come back to school or stay in school and maintain sustained recovery,” Schneider said.

Schneider believes the most impact they have on students is assisting them to sobriety and sustaining it.

“I’ve had a few students kind of share the sentiment that they wouldn’t be sober without the Collegiate Recovery Community,” Schneider said. “And I think that’s pretty awesome because a lot of students drop out due to substance abuse and there’s a lot of people who actually die from it on a daily basis.”

MSU President Mark Keenum will provide greetings and Coach Joe Moorhead is the guest speaker.

“We have an alumni student and current student that will share their recovery story with us as well,” Ezell said.

Breakfast will be provided by The Veranda.

Tickets can be purchased by donation level ranging from $100-$1,000.

Visit, to purchase tickets.


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