Cate Van Halsema speaks with tenants at the apartments on Catherine Street about the temporary restraining order. 

On Tuesday, August 31, a group of Catherine Street apartment tenants filed a lawsuit against Ferretti Property Services, LLC for their improper handling of the evictions. The lawsuit is for injunctive relief, where the plaintiffs are asking Ferretti to start over and lawfully go through the eviction process. 

Austin Vollor with Vollor Law Firm is representing the tenants in this suit and is doing so pro bono. In conjunction with the suit, the tenants took out a temporary restraining order against Ferretti, which 14th Chancery Court District Judge Joseph Studdard agreed to and signed.

The restraining order not only protects the plaintiffs named in the lawsuit but also all tenants of the Catherine Street apartments. 

There will be a hearing on the lawsuit on Wednesday, September 8 at 9 a.m. at the Oktibbeha County Courthouse with the Chancery Court. 

The restraining order lasts for ten days after issuance, which gives time to Starkville Strong and the Oktibbeha County Chapter of the NAACP to help the residents find safer and better housing. Depending on how the court proceedings go next Wednesday, the temporary restraining order could be extended. 

For this full story, check out the Wednesday, September 1 edition of SDN. 

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