Marshall Ramsey at Starkville Rotary

Marshall Ramsey talks with members of the Starkville Rotary Club after his presentation on Monday.

The Starkville Rotary Club welcomed nationally recognized editorial cartoonist and author Marshall Ramsey as a guest speaker on Monday.

Ramsey, who is known for his editorial cartoons, is currently the editor-at-large of Mississippi Today, and he spoke to the Rotarians about journalism in the digital age.

In 1996, Ramsey got his first phone call from Mississippi about potentially moving there for a job. He lived in San Diego at the time and he got a call from David Hampton, who was the editor for the Clarion-Ledger at the time, and he said that they would love for him to interview.

“I said to him, ‘The number you have reached has been disconnected,’ and I hung up on him. He called me back and it was the most surreal interview I've ever had in my life,” Ramsey said.

After some time thinking about it, Ramsey ultimately decided to move to Mississippi, and it was a decision he is happy he made.

To read more, see the full Tuesday, May 23rd edition of the Starkville Daily News.

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