Cadence Bank - West Main

The exterior of Cadence Bank on West Main Street 

Cadence Bank is in the process of negotiating the sale of its 45-year-old downtown office on West Main Street. 

The Mississippi State University Research and Technology Corporation gave an offer to the bank that's currently under due diligence. 

In a press release, a bank representative stated their interest in negotiating the sale of the downtown office has been widely known since 2014. 

The bank has been downtown since 1974 and a new facility is expected to be designed and built on Russell Street. 

Cadence Bank has owned property on Russell Street for over a decade. 

"When we bought that property it was our intent at one point locate a facility there," Mississippi president for Cadence Bank Jerry Toney said. 

The purchase of the property was a part of a long-time strategy that is finally coming together. 

"There's a lot happening in Starkville, a lot of growth and we are glad to be apart of that," Toney said. 

The sale will open an opportunity to construct a new and modern facility on Russell Street that will provide efficient and effective service to clients. 

The projective date for the opening and the date for the finalized sale hasn't been determined yet. 

Toney stated that the bank's commitment to the community and its clients is unwavering. 

"We look forward to building a new facility and being able to serve our clients and making sure we're there in every capacity for them," Toney said. 

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