The Mayor and Board of Aldermen discuss the issue of Bird scooters in Starkville.

On Tuesday, the new Board of Aldermen voted 4 to 3 for Bird scooters to return to the city of Starkville. Aldermen Ben Carver, Hamp Beatty, and Roy A’. Perkins voted against the scooters, and Aldermen Sandra Sistrunk, Jeffrey Rupp, Mike Brown, and Henry Vaughn voted for their return. 

The stand-up electric scooters are from the company Bird Rides Inc., and the biggest stipulation in the contract for their return is that the company provides insurance in case of an accident to persons, vehicles, or other property. This contract is between Bird Rides Inc. and the city of Starkville, and the contract has other terms for the scooters.

For more about the scooters, check out the Wednesday, July 7 edition of SDN. 

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