Bird Rides Inc. gives out helmets and safety tips to MSU students. 

Wednesday kicked off the first day of classes for students at Mississippi State University (MSU), and Starkville area organizations and businesses gathered on the Drill Field to welcome the students and show all the community has to offer. One particular organization was there with an additional message: safety.

Bird Scooters have been seen all over the city, and over the summer were a hot topic with the Board of Aldermen. For a short period of time, the electronic scooters were even banned from the city. 

However, Bird worked with the Aldermen to develop safety measures and regulations for their return. Because their return happened over the summer when many MSU students were not on campus, they made a point to go to campus at the start of class to spread the message on how to safely operate the e-scooters. 

Adam Blau, the Senior Associate of City and University Partnerships with Bird, was on site to speak to students about scooter safety. 

“We are educating our riders on safe riding and safe parking, so what safe riding looks like. We don’t want riders on the sidewalk, in the road or bike lanes with automobiles,” Blau said. “We want to make sure they are following the rules of the road just as any bike or automobile would, just being considerate of others."

For more on this story, check out the Thursday, August 19 edition of SDN. 

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