Omaha Zoo

Henry Doorly Zoo’s desert dome interior.

As the Mississippi State University baseball team travels to Omaha for the College World Series, many devoted Bulldogs will be trailing close behind, and Omaha has everything fans needs to stay well-fed and entertained between the games.

Tracie McPherson, director of communications for the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau, said one of the must-do activities is to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo.

“It truly is among the world’s best zoos. People often think ‘Oh, it’s just a tiger or lion in a cage,’ but we are known for providing an immersive zoo experience,” McPhearson said. “We have the world’s largest indoor desert and indoor rainforest.”

The zoo has over seven acres of indoor exhibits and opportunities to explore underground caves, making it an ideal destination no matter the weather conditions.

MSU senior Colton Watson traveled to Omaha for last year’s College World Series and it has since remained one of his favorite cities, despite having visited major cities across the world.

“I have been to New York, New Orleans and Atlanta, but I’d rather go to Omaha,” Watson said.

For the dedicated baseball fans, Watson recommends visitors take a trip to the Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, former home to the College World Series.

“I think if they are baseball fans, they need to go to the Old Rosenblatt Park just to take in where you are at,” Watson said.

McPherson noted another popular activity is to go Bobbing on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, affectionately named Bob.

Bobbers must go walk to the center of the bridge and take a selfie. This, however, is not any ordinary selfie because Bob is located between two states, Nebraska and Missouri. People travel from across the country to go Bobbing and experience the thrill and novelty of standing in two places at once.

For fans wanting to stay closer to TD Ameritrade Park, the Old Market Entertainment District is only six blocks away. This market place is overflowing with one-of-a-kind shops and over 30 local restaurants.

“During the evening you will see street vendors and street musicians,” McPherson said. “It's a really fun and lively place, especially during the College World Series.”

Overflowing with coffee shops, art galleries and local beer, the Old Market area is a popular destination for an afternoon. Some of the more popular eateries include Block 16, a traditional American restaurant; Plank Seafood Provisions, popular for their oysters, and The Kitchen Table, which serves café-style cuisine.

Outside of the Old Market, the must-eat food of Omaha is the Ruben Sandwich, an invention of Omaha’s Blackstone Hotel during a high stakes poker game in the 1920s.

As stated in a “Now Serving Omaha” video, “The creator does it with a little more pride. It’s why people go to Boston for chowder, Chicago for deep dish and thousands migrate to Omaha for the Ruben.”

While many restaurants claim to offer the best Ruben in town, Yelp reviews recommend the Crescent Moon Ale House, Swartz’s Delicatessen & Bagels and Wilson and Washburn to satisfy one’s Ruben cravings.

For visitors seeking a more luxurious meal, there is nothing better than a classic Omaha steak.

The Drover is by far the most popular and talked-about steak houses in Omaha.

However, Mahogany Steak House and Brother Sebastian’s Steak House & Winery are also top-rated on Yelp.

Finally, for the go-getters who exhaust this list after only a few days, click here for even more restaurants and activities to keep the entire family entertained.

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