The Starkville Area Arts Council is hosting a survey for members of the community to complete and provide feedback about the organization and its events.

SAAC Executive Director John Bateman said the survey is 20 questions long and should not take participants much time to fill out.

John Bateman

John Bateman, right, thanked Supervisors for the county's contribution to the Starkville Area Arts Council at a past meeting

In 2015, the SAAC Board of Directors put together a strategic plan for the organization. Bateman, who joined SAAC in 2017 as its first executive director, said the plan has guided him but an update was due.

"Most of what was on the plan has been fulfilled or is longer relevant," Bateman said.

This survey will help Bateman make a new strategic plan for the SAAC, he said.

The questions will cover most of the SAAC's events, focusing heavily on the Cotton District Arts Festival.

Bateman said the unfortunate cancellation of the 2019 festival due to severe weather made him realize he needed a better understanding of who in the community could and would help SAAC in times of crisis.

While the survey will help identify these people, Bateman said it was also a platform for the community to honestly tell him what they thought about SAAC.

"A lot of it is to find out who wants to help us," Bateman said. "But this is also an opportunity for the public to provide some thoughtful insight."

Bateman said he was eager to see what the community suggests.

"I want to get input," Bateman said. "I want people to throw ideas at me."

Bateman said it will be open at least through the end of December and encouraged anyone interested in art or the community to provide feedback.

"We hope this is helpful for the community and the arts community as a whole," Bateman said.

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