Chalet Arts

Owner of Chalet Arts, Mark Wood and Chalet Framer, Photographer, and Graphic Designer Saxon Wilson. (Photo by Briana Rucker, SDN)

Chalet Arts planted its roots in Starkville over 40 years ago and still stands today at University Crossing on Highway 12.

Chalet is a one-stop-shop when it comes to the arts.

It is an art studio, printer, retailer of art supplies and custom frame shop.

Owner Mark Wood proudly runs the business with those he calls family, greeting customers with a smile on his face.

"Framing is our expertise, we are great at it - we are the best," Wood said.

Chalet uses all archival materials with over 850 options to choose from on the wall.

"We have probably another 30 or 40 options in the back for real special stuff," Wood said.

Customers bring in their desired frame pieces and leave the outcome up to Wood's team of professionals in the field of design and framing.

"Everything we do frame-wise is custom," Chalet Arts Sales Associate and Graphic Designer Loren Moffitt said.

Free quotes are administered and the framing process takes up to two weeks.

Interesting things have been framed at Chalet from antique memorabilia, a tortoise shell, family heirlooms, an Alan Jackson guitar, Mike Tyson gloves and a guitar signed by Prince.

"If they were related to State we've framed some stuff with their image in there," said Chalet Arts Framer, Photographer and Graphic Designer Saxon Wilson.

"I did a 1920s coin purse and makeup set," Wilson said. "Like real deal silver type items."

Anything with rich history is Wilson's favorite thing to frame, but some items have been off the wall.

The story goes that over 20 years ago a woman came into a large amount of money. Enough money to quit her job.

She went out into the cow pasture, scooped up a cow patty and shellacked it.

The lady walked into Chalet with the intention of getting it shadowboxed for her boss to know what to do with it.

"That's probably the most off the wall, craziest thing for us," Wood said.

Wilson remembered a guy bringing in a smashed and dried frog once that he shadowboxed, but the special meaning behind that is still unknown.

A close-knit relationship has been built throughout the years with local artists, and together they have become a community within themselves.

"They're always in and out pricing frames or asking for our opinion on what they should do," Wilson said.

Chalet also makes it a point to supports artists, who in turn support them.

"Artists are our anchor and we hope and think that all of the artists in the area will love us," Wood said.

Interior designers call Chalet's professionals to make on-site visits to design layouts for their clients.

"They give us their ideas and then we make it happen," Wilson said.

Chalet shot pictures for the local Harvey's and loves to work with local businesses such as Bulldog Burger, The Veranda and McDonald's.

Each Pepper's in Mississippi uses Chalet to print all of their menu boards.

"We hold hands and as we lock arms we make art happen in our community," Wood said.

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