Quilters Guild

Dot Wilson works on a T-shirt quilt project during the Golden Triangle Quilters Guild Open House Saturday. 

On Saturday, the Golden Triangle Quilters Guild held an open house, offering demonstrations of techniques and several finished quilts on display.

The group also presented two bed turnings, showing off finished quilts of various sizes and designs made by guild members and others. Some of the quilts shown dated back more than a century, while others were made in the present day. Some of the more recent quilts featured pop culture images including a “Minecraft” Creeper and a “Dr. Who” TARDIS.

Guild member Everlyn Johnson, who served as chairperson for the open house said the guild held open hoses regularly, but not annually. This open house was held at the Golden Triangle Sportsplex, where the quilters hold their regular meetings.

“Our last one was at least three years ago, but it’s a way of kind of reaching out to the community, and it’s a way of attracting new members, too, and a lot of new people can join us, some of which may not even sew, but we’ll teach them how to sew” Johnson said. “It’s been a great recruiting tool.”

The guild currently has approximately 45 members, most of whom are professional women.

Johnson said the guild got its start approximately 11 years ago, when she owned a fabric shop on Lampkin Street.

“My mother quilted when I was young, but I didn’t get involved, because I was really playing basketball and 4-H and stuff, but when I opened my store, the quilters became a strong part of my clientele and they organized this group,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she enjoyed quilting for the memories attached to each individual quilt. She also discussed the labels most quilters attached to their finished pieces. The labels list the persons involved in making the quilt and the person the quilt was made for.

“After I’m long gone, my granddaughter, when she even has her children, will remember, because we encourage members to put a label on it,” Johnson said.

Guild President Marilyn Wilson said quilting was her stress relief.

“Some people walk, some people do this, I like to sew, that’s my stress relief,” Wilson said. “It’s what I do to get away from the pressures of life.

Wilson said the open house had drawn approximately 65 people, including some members of the Possum Town Quilters in Columbus.

“We shared our love of quilting with about 65 or so people today, “Wilson said. “Anytime anyone wants to come and learn how to quilt, this is the place to be.”

The guild meets twice a month at the Sportsplex, and may be contacted at 662-312-3377. More information can also be found on its Facebook page.

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