Vaughans Vocabulary Celebrating 175 years of church history

On Sunday September 12, Fellowship Baptist Church in Bellefontaine will be celebrating its 175th anniversary. According to church records, I am the thirty-fifth pastor of Fellowship, a church with an incredible longevity for the Lord Jesus Christ. Since the organizers built a place of worship in 1835, the Head of the church has allowed Fellowship to stand the test of time and the tribulations which go along with a church seeking to do God’s will.
Earlier this year the church asked me to write its history. Upon request, I would be happy to e-mail an attachment of my work.
A two-hour worship service will begin at 10, followed by a plethora of food at noon, and an afternoon service from 1:30 until 2:30. What a wonderful institution to celebrate: Christ’s church. Now, let’s get to this week’s word quiz.

1. The word church is from the Greek word
A. zetetic (zeh-TEH-tic).
B. ekklesia (EK-luh-see-uh).
C. Christos (KRIS-toss).
D. Kurios (KOO-ree-os).

2. degage (dey-gah-ZHEY)
A. worshipful
B. free of constraint
C. emotionally involved
D. godly

3. cachinnate (KAK-uh-nate)
A. to laugh loudly
B. to mourn
C. to celebrate
D. to clarify

Let’s see how you did on the first three. No. 1 is ekklesia, which means general assembly. Degage is B and cachinnate is A.

4. As a verb moil means _______, but as a noun moil means
A. toil – a long day.
B. to party – anniversary.
C. to labor – hard work, confusion.
D. to spend – money.

As an intransitive verb, moil means to work with painful effort. Another definition of moil is to churn or swirl about continuously. Moil as a noun means toil, hard work, drudgery. This noun also means confusion.
Interestingly, a synonym for moil is turmoil (I find few instances of a synonym having the word as one of its syllables).
Scrabble is a fun game, but what isn’t so fun is _____. That was last week’s mystery word. You’re right if you said scrabbling.
This week’s mystery word to solve can describe The Sonatine for Brass Instruments (1951) by the French composer Eugene Bozza (1905-1991). The mystery word rhymes with the first name of the actress who played Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie and later in A Very Brady Sequel. It’s always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

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