Students weigh in on new Ole Miss mascot

“I think the new Black Bear mascot is hilarious. It might have been the best option for Ole Miss considering the other choices, but that doesn’t mean it is a good fit for the school.
“Add in the fact that we’re ranked for the first time in nine years and they lost to Jacksonville State and it becomes even better. Hotty Teddy.”

Patrick Pierce

“Every idea was completely terrible, but anything that makes everyone point and laugh at TSUN is good with me.  I think that those people up there are a little confused.”

Chip Donald

“Knowing just how dear Colonel Rebel is to those Hotty Toddy hearts, the bear is going to be a difficult campaign to kick off. The Admiral Ackbar mascot commercial got Ole Miss more ESPN time than they’ve seen in years! Maybe they should have stuck with that plan.”

Brooke Paris

“I think the new Black Bear mascot is hilarious, but I was really pulling for Colonel Akbar.
“I think the Ole Miss students treated the whole thing as a joke, and they created a good laugh. I just think the laughs will die down  when they realize other colleges are laughing at them and not with them.”

Josh Brock

“My initial response was laughter and then confusion as to why that was chosen, but then I thought about it and it’s the perfect fit considering their record so far....the black bears apparently decided to go into hibernation early this year.”

Alison Moak

“The entire situation is humorous in itself! No matter the reasoning behind it MSU fans can add this to the list of making jokes against Ole Miss. Hotty Teddy!”

Jessica Reed

“I think that the new Ole Miss mascot was the best for the choices they had. I think it can relate to the cowbell here at Miss. State. Colonel Reb will always be apart of Ole Miss football, just as cowbells will forever be apart of Miss. State football.
“Freshman friends from Ole Miss say, ‘I feel like we’ve lost a huge part of our schools tradition.” I can’t imagine what Miss. State would be like if we up and changed our mascot.
“The Bulldog represents our University just as Colonel Reb is does for Ole Miss. At the same time I can’t relate to how the mascot was offensive, but if I were at a University where the mascot was offensive to me personaly I would hope they would look into changing it. “

Mike Jones