Students: Cowbell rules not followed

Saturday’s home opener marked the first Mississipppi State game with the new rules for geal cowbell use.
Last week, two students, Kara McDowell and Dan Payne, expressed their opinions of the new rules.
McDowell said she believed the new rules were going to be hard to follow, and after Saturday’s game, still believes it will be hard to make 11,000 students not ring their cowbell.
“The excitement of a game day is a big factor in students wanting to ring their cowbells. You see the players on the field getting pumped up and it makes you ring them louder,” McDowell says. 
Payne also didn’t think students obeyed the rules and doesn’t see that changing either.
“The students didn’t obey the cowbell rules Saturday night and we just found out we won’t know if we can get fined for any of the games until the end of the year,” Payne says.
McDowell doesn’t know what to expect from the SEC after the students continued to ring their cowbells during play Saturday.
“I don’t know if they’ll fine us or not, but I know that some students will continue to ring their cowbell. Students don’t want to have our school fined for it but you can’t make 11,000 students not ring their cowbell,” McDowell says.MSU is known for.
“You have the quarterback of Auburn who chose Auburn over MSU on the field; of course we are going to ring our cowbells to show what kind of atmosphere we are and how involved we are with our football team,” McDowell says. 
Payne agrees with McDowell on Newton’s arrival.
“With Cameron Newton coming to town, you can expect the cowbells to be louder than ever,” Payne says.
The school has tried hard to implement these regulations on the use of cowbells during games, and students are responding with their own beliefs and for McDowell, it’s all about tradition.
“All over the country, every school has their own tradition. You come into our stadium and you are going to hear our tradition. At the end of the day, this tradition isn’t going to stop now,” McDowell says.
MSU’s home game against Auburn this Thursday will be broadcasted live on ESPN at 6 p.m.

Another thing both McDowell and Payne know is that this Thursday’s game against Auburn on ESPN, will be even louder. 
Cameron Newton is a name many students at MSU know because he was recruited hard by his former coach, MSU coach Dan Mullen.
When pictures surfaced of Cameron ringing a cowbell at the Egg Bowl last season, students got excited that he would soon be in the maroon and white.
When Newton suddenly chose Auburn over MSU, McDowell sees this Thursday’s game as a simple reminder of what kind of atmosphere