Storytime has begun at Maben Library

School has started and so has storytime. Friday, we read the book I Love School by Philemon Sturges. It tells of all the fun things you like to do at school. Ridng the bus is always fun for little ones. Outside play is more fun when you can play with friends. Some of the other things they did were building with blocks,playing with baby dolls, and listening to the teacher read a story about a sailor. They drew pictures for their teacher and took her apples. We painted with watercolor pencils and had fun making our own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We listened to songs that you learn at school while eating our sandwiches and drinking juice. We also played ring-around-the-rosy, one of their favorite things to do. Then off they went downstairs to check out books. Pictured at the first Storytime of the year are Kambry Reed, Trey Stevens, Kinsley Reed, and Hunter Stevens.