State official to deliver 200+ smoke detectors to Starkville

State Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Ricky Davis (courtesy)
Staff Writer

State Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Ricky Davis will come to Starkville to deliver over 200 smoke detectors to Starkville Fire Station 1 on Tuesday, April 18, at 11 a.m.

Davis is distributing the free smoke alarms to different fire departments throughout Mississippi. Each alarm has a 10-year battery that is designed to fit only the alarms.

The mission is to deliver smoke alarms to residents, targeting low income families, senior citizens, families with children under 14 and persons with disabilities.

The State Fire Marshal's Office said on March 10 that working smoke alarms in a home can reduce your risk of dying in a fire by half. Of fire deaths investigated in 2017 by State Fire Marshal's Office, over half did not have a working smoke alarm.

National Fire Protection Association said in instances where smoke alarms did not work, it was because batteries were missing, disconnected, or dead.